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A call centre is a centralized office. They handle telephone calls from current and potential, providing services for different departments of any customer service oriented company.

Contact centres can deal with inbound as well as outbound calls and can be found either inside an organization or moved operations to another outsourced company that has expertise in handling calls.

A call center or call centre is an incorporated office utilized for receiving or sending a huge volume of inquiries by phone. An inbound call centre is operated by an organization to provide support service or data inquiries from consumers.

A contact centre is a department or an office where a team of consultants with expertise receives calls from both new and existing clients who provide customer service support according to company policies. This team can also provide support for written communications such as emails, web chat and across all social media platforms.

A call centre is an important part of any business that fulfills the need of a vocal communication centre which customers can use in order to get support or make a complaint to a business.

Client assistance or customer service agents working in a call centre are well trained to help customers who might need help with a complicated or specific issue.

Who Invented Call Centre?

1960, was the year when the call centre was introduced to the world to handle customer service calls.  The Birmingham press & mail was responsible for installing private automated business exchanges (PABX).  And in that particular environment or office agents or in simple words, Customer Service representatives were to take calls. 

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Call Handling In Call Centres

Handling customer queries is the main motive of the operators. Call handling is the way organizations provide customer support for inbound or outbound calls. This process takes place in a specific time frame as customers expect a reply in a given deadline. the company normally announce it.

Customer experience must be the prime focus for any call centre as this includes the speaking and listening skills of the operator. Product knowledge is a must for any operator in order to provide the best possible support service.

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call centreCall Centre Service For Taxi Companies

We have seen over and over again that, taxi companies are the very first business to feel an impact of any changes in our daily life routine especially when it has a financial effect on any community.

However, Recent events of Covid-19 or coronavirus has proven the fact that the need for a time could change in no given time or notice. Whether you are a small or large taxi company, making use of an outsource call centre is now vital more than ever before in order to survive in these tough times due to low income and budget to run the day to day operations.

Call centre such as Supra BPO can provide you support with taxi operators or dispatchers at a very competitive rate making quality outsourcing accessible.

Customer Service Skills

Above all, here are 8 Customer Service Skills that an operator must have :

  • Excitement
  • Relational abilities
  • Client Empathy/Compassion
  • Tolerance
  • Stress Management
  • Adaptability
  • Appeal
  • Organization information

4 different type of requirements:

  • Inbound – We TAKE the calls for you:

The inbound virtual call centre can provide support for the incoming calls to your business or association. These services can provide help not only to your customers but also for your staff inquiries.

  • Outbound – We MAKE the calls for you:

Moreover, Outbound call centre makes outbound calls for your business and firms. Telemarketing, telesales, and market research are examples of outbound call centres.

  • Contact Centre

Voice calls are dealt with traditionally in a call centre environment.  Where the above two facilities are been used to facilitate the client’s needs. But there is more to it. And that is when they entertain queries like emailing, live chatting, or through any other source.  It is termed as a “Contact Centre”.

Automated (Electronic) – We AUTOMATE process for you:

Automates call centres are about electronic processes for your business or firms. Interactive voice response (IVR), voicemails, and connecting your customers to the correct department. These are a few examples of services provided in such a manner.

  • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) – You DELEGATE the business cycle to us:

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services are when you assign the entire business process to us. Completely outsourced is any real-time inbound, outbound or automated service.  However, commonly outsourced services can include customer service, email management, and webchat.

Outsourced Call Centre Services

Outsourced call centre services benefit from multiple customers, which tends to reduce the intensity of peaks and valleys of call volume. Agents can work more quickly, and supervisors can more easily schedule workers, helping to minimize costs per call.

Call centre outsourcing is the strategic business decision to leverage the management of the call centre and customer support activities through a 3rd party company, also called a business process outsourcer or BPO. When more businesses exploit BPOs, call centre outsourcing has gained a great deal of attention lately.

Outsourcing of call centres is when a corporation contracts out services from call centres. All types of customer service issues are addressed by call centres, from the credit cards to appliance warranties. Companies outsource to an external specialist, either in-house, via a different division or.

Outsourced call centre services is the practice of moving on to third party individual functions, sub-areas, or business processes and therefore collecting the results from outside of your own business. A specialist service provider can now offer services that your business has been responsible for fulfilling.

Call Centre For Taxi Companies

The quality of service and customer satisfaction have become the secret to success with taxi services entering into structured industry punctuality. They should be a delightful customer experience from booking the taxi to pick-up and drop to their destination, their standards of comforts, supplying them with routes that suit their needs and becoming a business that is available 24 x 7.

Customers who are on-the-go today will use different means of communication and expect the taxi service provider to provide them with these channels of communication. Meeting the needs of the customers requires a comprehensive and functional call centre for taxi companies. A Centralized Communication Solution, Teckinfo’s award-winning InterDialog UCCS(call centre for taxi companies), will help Radio Taxi businesses accomplish this in the best possible way. A large number of Radio Taxi companies have opted for our approach and are reaping the rewards.

Outbound Call Centre Services

Sales reps mainly make calls to meet and retain potential clients at outbound call centres. In order to perform market analysis, businesses also use outbound call centres. In order to learn more about their needs and desires, agents will call shoppers who fit their target client.

An outbound call centre is a commercial operation in which outgoing calls to prospective or current customers are made by a group of call centre operators. This operation is generally allowed by technology, usually using a predictive dialer, such that large numbers of calls can be made every hour.

Call Centre BPO Customer Service

Call centre bpo customer service is the act of outsourcing to a third-party vendor or service provider any component of the activities of your business. A BPO call centre is a team of outsourced agents for other companies that manage incoming and outgoing customer calls.

Contact Centre Services

 The contact centre services is often the focal point from which it is possible to handle all customer interactions in a company. Contact centres will provide more resources, such as chatbots, call-recording, automated and interactive voice responses, social media tracking and speech analytics.

A contact centre is a central point from which all customer communications through multiple networks are handled, often referred to as a customer engagement centre or e-contact centre. Their primary aim is to provide reliable and productive technical support, customer care and sales assistance to customers.


Call Center
                                                                                     Call Center

Why Supra?

Every business of whatever nature and where ever they are, always need two things. That is to earn in terms of profit and growth.   But how to roll the ball, so that you can taste them, because it’s not the number of funds you invest.  But rather its the Strategy, planning, training and the words but only the right ones.

At Supra, we have the right type of spices.  Making a good meal out of them in correct portions so that to make your business not only to grow. But also to grow professionally and attract more profits and customers.  Now, what we offer as a call centre because we are sure there are loads of them out there.  

The people behind the mechanism of Supra, are once themselves professional customer service representatives. Worked and trained in inbound and outbound settings of the call centre.  They found in other call centres, there is no communication and teamwork among the management and their CSRs.  And didn’t know what were the right words to make an impact on the customer.  How to make them stay and be the part of that particular business.

Supra four attributes;



Trained CSRs

The Right words 

Commitment, No Promises

Every business with an old book, will come down and promise things which are easily broken and forgotten.  We believe the Law of Attraction.  The desire you will like to experience, by creating an intention to it.  And adding that attention or focus to the desire will push it to expand.  Resulting in taking you towards it and it to you.  That commitment to creating the desire for expansion is only resting on three pillars.


The most conceptual pillar is training. At supra, we make sure the CSRs are training over and over again for each new businesses.  Till the business client is satisfied by making the CSRs trained properly rather learn or memorize sentences. This way making sure we focus on quality.


Call centres mostly will ask you big deposits in return for their services for your business.  Which gives out perception to the business owner that they are not serious about their business.

We don’t believe in compromises or co-incidences not a compromise or negotiable firm. 

Giving the client a week before getting them on board.  So they can have a taste of what we offer and how trained our staff is.  Who are second to none in the industry.  

We believe in quality at an affordable price.  We Don’t do, what we don’t say.  


 Reliability in Supra is of our own.  It constitutes as, “We at supra Care for your money, effort and business”.

What Does A Call Centre Do?

A call centre is a department or office in which a team of consultants, otherwise known as agents, manages incoming and outgoing telephone calls from both new and current clients. In order to provide customer service, it is traditional for businesses of a larger scale to have call centres.

What Is Working In A Call Centre Like?

Call centres function as an integral part of customer support teams and are also the key means of contact between a company and its customers. 
You’ll need to be inspired by customer success in order to function in a call centre. Call centre agents are tenacious problem-solvers who are committed to maximizing the experience of consumers with a business or brand. 
The workday of a call centre agent is usually fast-paced and allows them to handle a handful of different duties. Sometimes, in their workflow, agents need to be versatile and capable of managing unforeseen roadblocks. Although this allows their workday to look different every day, agents, regardless of the mission they accomplish, will also perform the same core call centre duties.

How Does A Contact Centre Work?

The contact centre handles inbound and outbound customer communication over multiple channels, such as telephone, internet, chat, email, messaging apps, social media, text, fax, and traditional mail, unlike a call centre which receives requests only by telephone.

What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Call Centre Agent?

You’re going to need: 
●        customer support expertise.
●        To be detailed and pay attention to detail.
●        The capacity to communicate with others well.
●        Sensitivity and comprehension.
●        Patience and the willingness in difficult circumstances to stay calm.
●        The capacity, under pressure, to accept criticism and function well.
●        Excellent abilities in verbal communication.

How To Get Through To The UK Call Centre?

Make sure that when you call, you are at home and near your phone.
 ●        Call: 0800 800 150 from a UK landline – free from UK landlines, mobile expenses can vary.
●        Call: +44 179 359 6931 from outside of the UK.
●        From a landline connection: 0800 800 150.
●        From outside the United Kingdom: +44 179 3596931.
●        From a landline connection: 0800 443 311.

When Is The Call Centre On?

It depends upon the city or country you are connected with. Every call centre has different timing depending upon the timing of the company with which the call centre is affiliated.

What Is A Call Centre?

A call centre is a centralized department to which current and future customers’ telephone calls are directed. Inbound and/or outbound calls can be handled by call centres and located either within a corporation or outsourced to another organization that specializes in handling calls.

How To Set Up A Call Centre?

In starting a call centre, the main steps are:
●        Decide on the sort of call centre you are creating.
●        Calculate future profits from call centres.
●        Plan for facilities for call centre costs.
●        Choose apps for call centres.
●        Acquire customers for your contact centre.
●        Select workers for your call centre.

How Can I Talk To A Call Centre Customer?

Simple rules While talking to clients
●        Always introduce yourself and the organization.
●        Speak on the phone plainly and specifically.
●        Don’t cover the phone – if you need to ask another employee a question, put it on hold.
●        Ideally, answer the phone within 2-3 rings.
●        According to the company script, welcome the caller.

How Many Calls Do Call Centre Workers Take A Day?

Call centre agents will take up to 50 calls a day, as stated earlier, and not everyone is resolved on the first call. A follow-up that could last days or weeks after the first contact may need some calls.

What Is A Call Centre Job Salary?

According to my knowledge, call centres have different posts, and every agent has a different salary according to their posts. Some of the call centre salary depends upon the hours he worked.

Why Is Working In A Call Centre Bad?

If you are prone to high blood pressure, you can raise your blood pressure by working at a call centre. If you don’t feel good, it can be hard to cope with stress. I have always told our trainees at the end of the line not to take something personal from the customer.

How Do You Survive In A Call Centre?

Check them out today, and you’ll be the highlight of your squad of call centre officers, too!
●        Break the stereotype of the negative.
●        Absorb awareness.
●        Be respectful and supportive always-even with rude clients.
●        Don’t get too harsh on yourself.
●        Energize the atmosphere at work.

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