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Taxi Base Operators or Dispatchers
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Taxi Base Operators or Dispatchers

Taxi base operators or Dispatchers are responsible for sending cabs to customers and remain in contact with drivers while they are on the way.

First, we have to know who dispatchers are? After that, we will talk about a taxi base operator or dispatcher.

Dispatchers are primarily responsible for making sure that staff, travellers, and goods leave one location. Arrive at another location in a timely, effectively, and safely for both civil and military operations. They are vital to their serving industries.

There are many kinds of operators or dispatchers like;

  • Emergency service
  • Taxi services
  • Aircraft
  • Railroad

Let’s have a look at Taxi Base Operators Or Dispatchers;
Taxi base operators or dispatchers, also known as starters. They send cabs off to customers and keep records of all calls to the road. While on the way, the operators can remain in contact with the passengers. They communicate by telephone, machine, or two-way radio.

Besides, they also help drivers with problems and answer their questions. For example, to avoid traffic jams, operators can tell drivers which routes to take. Likewise, If the drivers get involved in any accidents, they call for help and send other taxis to their customers.

Duties Of Dispatcher

•Firstly, Operator or dispatcher answer incoming calls to the call centre and decide what kind of vehicle and how many cars are required to respond

• Second, the dispatcher shall properly address complaints with respect to them, including answering questions or giving advice where appropriate

• Fourth, they have outstanding customer service

• Next, Dispatcher should show good practical awareness on help topics, technical knowledge, and job scheduling.

•He/she performs important administrative work including entering data

• Moreover, Dispatcher direct customers or clients to related departments for questions concerning received products or services

• Dispatcher use computer systems to manage the delivery schedules, register call details and create reports

• A dispatcher must adhere to strict delivery deadlines

• Dispatcher has a record of all reports of a crime accurately and according to government standards

• Dispatcher keeps detailed call information records, proper locations, and submitted vehicles

• He/she efficiently control the workload and work without any supervision

• Operator plan and organise driver and technician work by setting correct timetables, using driving path, geography and traffic patterns knowledge

• Besides, Show forceful questioning and early review when talking to someone in an emergency, handle each request peacefully, and update the caller as soon as possible with all the necessary information.

• Above all, he/she manage each call within the allowed time and send relevant emergency services to the scene

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Taxi Base Operators or Dispatchers
            Taxi Base Operators or Dispatchers

Job Purpose Of Taxi Base Controller

Dispatching is

• Calmly responding to emerging and non-emerging requests

• Send the right vehicle to the site to address the situation

• Handle the workload of the cars and drivers

Dispatcher’s Skills

Taxi base operator or a dispatcher must have the following skills;

• Detail-Oriented

• Excellent Customer-Facing Skills

• Clear written and verbal communication skills

• Organisation

• Computer Skills

• Microsoft Office

• Customer Service

• Professionalism

• Calmness under Pressure

• Initiative.

Duties of taxi base operator

A dispatcher has to answer all calls and all issues from driver and passenger.

Like, If a taxi driver may get late, then the passenger calls dispatcher. He/she will call back to confirm the driver and then let the passenger know about the ETA.

Likewise, The dispatcher answers all issues. If the operator can not note the address correctly, it is not heard correctly by him/her. The driver gets lost its way because he does not have a GPS, or GPS does not work.

Sometimes, they even have to apologise to the driver or passenger and sometimes to the boss. Nevertheless, Their pay is also less. The same relates to the driver operation manager with any taxi affiliation or managing company of a taxi medallion.

Education and Training Requirements

Above all, Taxi base operators or taxi dispatchers usually have high school diplomas or equal qualification. Similarly, Applicants need to be able to operate well under pressure. In the same vein, Training in customer care may be beneficial.

Some of them start as taxi drivers while the others do the clerical work first and then move forward to dispatch positions. Most importantly, above all, The new staff is receiving training on-the-job.

Getting the Job

Job-seekers should apply to taxi companies directly. Certainly, Classified ads in newspapers and online job sites may list openings.

Advancement Possibilities and Employment Outlook

For a taxi base operator, the chances of success are less. Some move to administration or supervision or start up their own taxi companies.

For all occupations, this job is growing as fast as the average over 2014. Openings occur as experienced workers quit or withdraw from their job.

Working Conditions

Taxi base operators or dispatchers have to stay calm well under pressure. Above all, They have to respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies.

Moreover, Many works in offices of taxi companies, while others work in small airport booths and other transportation hubs. Above all, they work in all weather conditions.

Forty-hour workweeks are standard. But, in short, when emergencies arise, or the workload is too high, taxi base operators may need to put extra hours into the work. Night, weekend, and holiday work may be necessary.

Earnings and Benefits

Earnings vary depending on location and experience. In 2004 all taxi base operators had a median salary of $30,920 per year. However, The workers with the most experience earned more than $52,440 a year.

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