Call Centre Agent Jobs Responsibilities and Duties

call centre agent jobs
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Call centre Agent Jobs Summary

Call Centre Agent Jobs: You will respond to incoming calls from customers who want to place orders, answer inquiries, handle complaints, resolve major customer service issues, and provide general information. You may be a part of the first communication team for consumers who are inquisitive about the goods we offer and may be responsible for helping them complete online and telephone transactions. You will also notify customers of the terms and features of the merchandise and project an image of an expert company through voice and online interactions.

Call centre Agent Jobs Responsibilities and Duties

  • React to incoming calls and address emails from the client.
  • Management and consumer issue resolution.
  • Offer goods and position orders inside the ADPS for customers.
  • Supervisors identify and escalate issues.
  • Provide clients with product and repair details.
  • Needed knowledge from research using the resources available.
  • Using relevant tools, study, locate, and address customer complaints.
  • Orders, forms, and application process.
  • Calls to the appropriate resources by route.
  • In line with standard operating procedures, register all call information.
  • Recognize, document and alert the trends in customer calls to the management team.
  • Where needed, follow up customer calls.
  • Products and services Upsell.
  • Complete logs and reports of calls.
  • Other duties, as allocated.

Operators of Call Centres

In an extremely call centre, a call centre agent makes, takes and manages calls. Outgoing sales or information calls will be made, otherwise you can receive calls and offer advice or receive customer feedback. You will have excellent communication skills, a decent level of English and a good way of trying to do this job by telephone.

suprabpo call centre
suprabpo call centre

What do I require to become a call centre operator?

No specific courses are required, but any courses that include customer service aspects can provide useful knowledge and skills, such as hospitality and catering, travel and tourism. It should also be possible to start going through a period of preparation.

A dispatcher may be a communications worker who receives and transmits data to coordinate other staff and vehicle operations that terminate a service.

Dispatcher is the Call Centre Agent Responsible for receiving and transmitting pure and specific communications, tracking vehicles and equipment, and capturing other important information.

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Dispatcher duties

1- Receive emergency and non-emergency calls and answer them.

2- Keep all the calls recorded.

3- Proactively address problems and suggest solutions.

4- Receive orders and dispatch them.

5- Assess actual calls and prioritize them.

6- Supervising the route of the field units and monitoring the product delivery status.

What is a call centre agent?

People who answer and dial out calls are the representatives of a call centre. In addition, agents are responsible for making outbound calls for line appointments and collecting data from the survey. Duties and Obligations. Professionally responding to clients’ phones and responding to customer inquiries and complaints.

What are the duties of an agent at the Call Centre?

It is their responsibility to respond to incoming calls from shoppers to request their orders, answer questions and inquiries, solve problems, provide data and handle complaints about the products or services of the organization.

Call centre Jobs for Customer Service

Also referred to as a call centre agent, a customer service representative (CSR) could be one that works during a call or contact centre and assists clients with their problems. Using a type of channels, such as phone, chat, email and social media, they will do that. Customer service representatives (CSRs) play a critical role in shaping the experience of consumers and, thus, when recruiting them, companies should explore the following qualities:

Efficient customer service representatives

(CSRs) not only hear clients, they really understand what they say, which often includes reading between the lines or knowing meaning. -Strong listening comprehension abilities. Understanding is the beginning of motivation.

Self-service tools help customers solve many simple problems on their own, which suggests that problems involving customer service representatives (CSRs) have become more complicated. Representatives of customer service (CSRs) must be up to the challenge of solving them.

Good interpersonal skills

Successful customer service representatives (CSRs) remain professional and respectful regardless of the situation, in the face of often frazzled clients. And if they’re going to take things a step further and develop a friendship, that’s even better.


Contact centres are tightly planned work environments and the middle success often depends on the exposure of everyone and being on time. Chronic no-shows and late-time staff can often spell trouble for queue times. There should be a history of reliability for applicants for customer service representative (CSR) roles.

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Customer satisfaction

often comes all the way down to how well representatives of customer service (CSRs) perform. Within the experience economy, one step ahead in winning are organizations that target screening, improving and promoting their CSRs.

How many hours are employed by call centre agents?

Call centre agents direct them on the easiest course of action when clients call to inquire for a problem, express a concern, or request assistance. Team members use a phone and headset to answer inbound calls during their eight to 10-hour shifts and make outgoing calls hands-free.

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